Sebastian Vettel’s personal simracing simulator

Sebastian Vettel’s personal simracing simulator

Aston Martin F1 have just revealed the creation of a personal simulator dedicated to the quadruple Formula 1 world champion, Sebastian Vettel. Vettel has been part of the Aston Martin Cognizant F1 team since 2021.

Why did Vettel want a simulator?

Until then, Vettel was one of the few Formula 1 drivers who did not have a sim racing simulator at home. However, with the number of races scheduled on the Formula 1 calendar growing from year to year, with the addition of new tracks very regularly, it became essential to be able to train in the simulator before discovering the track in a real race weekend.

Formula 1’s strained logistics did not allow Sebastian Vettel to spend much time in the Silverstone-based team’s professional simulator. The creation of this personal simulator will allow him to train from home and discover new circuits more easily.

What is his sim racing simulator made of?

The hull of the simulator was created from the 2021 single-seater, the AMR21. Some body parts come directly from the single-seater!

The team also wanted to create the metal structure, in order to obtain the ideal position for the pilot. The seat is directly derived from Sebastian Vettel’s Formula 1. The driving position is therefore perfectly adjusted to the racing driver.

The Pro Sim company took care of supplying the steering wheel, steering wheel base and pedal settings. Their settings make it possible to simulate identically the braking feeling of a Formula 1 car.

A three-screen configuration completes the set and ensures good visibility and good immersion.

Sebastian Vettel therefore becomes one of the only Formula 1 drivers to have a very detailed replica of his car for simracing. Maybe one day everyone will be able to afford a simracing replica of a Formula 1 cockpit, created directly by the manufacturer? We surely hope so !

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