Gran Turismo AI Sophy – A major step forward for simracing?

One AI to rule them all

The new iteration of the world’s best-known car racing game franchise, Gran Turismo 7, is scheduled for Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 on March 4, 2022. Sony, through AI Sony, has just announced the development of an ultra-realistic artificial intelligence called AI Sophy.

Using the deep learning process and a dedicated cloud structure, the AI ​​was able to learn all the intricacies of motor racing. Beyond pure speed, engineers at Sony have also instilled other areas of expertise in it, such as mastering car handling, motor racing tactics and racing etiquette.

The result is an AI capable of matching the best Gran Turismo players, or even beating them, as demonstrated by the event organized by Sony bringing together the world’s best Gran Turismo Sport players against its AI. Sophy AI has triumphed many times!

Small disappointment, the integration of this AI is not planned for the launch of Gran Turismo 7. However, Sony confirms that it is working on the implementation of this AI in the future, whether in Gran Turismo or in other applications.

An AI, interesting for Simracers?

Long-time players are used to racing against more or less tough AIs. So far, the developers have already managed to develop very fast AIs, but quickly get into trouble when faced against real players. Training against the AIs of current games is of little to no interest for simracers wishing to refine their racing techniques.

AI Sophy, through its learning of racing variables (in addition to pure speed) will allow simracers to train in all racing conditions and improve their skills in preparation for online player vs player races. This kind of AI will allow players a less abrupt transition between offline racing and online racing. They will be better prepared, and surely faster!

Sony’s experimental race (AI Sophy VS the best Japanese Gran Turismo players) demonstrated that even the best players have things to learn from the AI.

Ultimately, we can only rejoice in the upcoming arrival of this type of AI in our favorite simulators! It will benefit all sim racers. Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand the mysteries of motor racing or an expert sim racer looking to deepen your racing skills, this kind of advanced AI will undoubtedly take you further.