Formula 1 partnered with Rfactor 2 for immersive experiences

Simracing F1 experience

Formula 1 has just announced their partnership with Kindred, a new company specializing in hospitality, for the long-term creation of around thirty rooms dedicated to state-of-the-art simracing simulators. These experiences will be accessible to the public and to companies.

A partnership with Studio 397, the development studio behind rFactor 2, has also been formalized. They will take care of the simulation software.

What does this mean for the future of rFactor 2 and simracing?

These partnerships tell us that the rapprochement between Motorsport games (owner of the 397 studio) and formula 1 is for the long term.

Can we expect official formula 1 content in rFactor 2 or the next games from studio 397?

rFactor 2 is recognized as being one of the most demanding and precise simulation software. The vehicle and tire physics are some of the best out there. The arrival of the Formula 1 license in rFactor 2 would be greatly appreciated by fans!

The recent partnership between Mercedes AMG and Iracing for the production and distribution of the digital versions of the Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance and the next F1 2022 is also a sign of rapprochement between Formula 1 and simracing.

Should we expect more games from the Formula 1 license in the future? Time will tell, but we hope so!

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Image : Redbull simulator