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The Right Sim story

Simracer for many years, it is while looking for THE perfect new steering wheel that one of the founders, Max, finds himself confronted with an obstacle course. He discovered, over the course of an endless quest, many craftsmen and small businesses offering unique, ingenious and high-quality simracing products. These discoveries prompted him to take the same approach for all types of equipment dedicated to simracing.
It was with Guillaume, simracer and friend for 25 years, that they began to imagine The Right Sim. Over the course of their discussions with various craftsmen, the desire to bring these passionate entrepreneurs to the forefront of the simracing scene only grew stronger.
They have the conviction that every simracer is looking for something unique, which corresponds to him. It is with this in mind that The Right Sim aims to offer the best craftsmen and innovative companies, while paying a very particular attention to supporting customers in their quest for “The Right Sim” before, while and after their purchases.